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Royal Posture is the unique posture support that perfectly aligns your spine to help soothe sore muscles. Poor posture puts stress on your back, neck and shoulders. Learn how to correct posture and help relieve the pain! This comfortable back support gently realigns your spine, and it’s remarkably effective. It helps improve back problems and circulation—even controls tummy rolls caused by slouching. Shop for Royal Posture now at the Carol Wright As Seen on TV Store.

Royal Posture is Comfortable:
A cheap, stiff back brace often digs into skin causing even more discomfort. Unlike bulky back braces, this slip-on support is easy and comfortable to wear. Royal Posture features padded, adjustable straps that are virtually undetectable under clothing. And the neoprene, polyester cotton blend is so breathable, it’s like wearing a second skin.

Buy Royal Posture and energize your neck, back and shoulders. Why suffer any longer? Feel like a brand-new you!

Royal Posture Size Chart:

Men’s sizes with coordinating waist sizes
SMD 25”-36”
LXL 37”-58”

Women’s sizes with coordinating dress sizes
SMD 0-16
LXL 18-38

Posture Correctors Helps Relieve Pain:
Good posture helps you accomplish tasks throughout the day with more comfort. Sitting slumped over a desk or behind the wheel of a car causes painful neck strain…and tummy rolls! Maybe you suffer from a curved back that causes muscle aches along your spine. This support can help. Learn how to improve posture, and learn how to relieve the pain.

Royal Posture helps improve:
Back pain
Neck pain 
Shoulder pain

More Comfortable than a Back Brace:
Unlike bulky back braces, this slip-on support is easy and comfortable to wear. It features padded, adjustable straps which are virtually undetectable under clothing. Just slip the straps over your shoulders and secure in front with “touch” closure. Fabric is so breathable and comfortable, it’s like wearing a second skin!

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